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Best-in-class award winning platform that teach students career-ready technology skills.

At BSD Education, we focus on core technology disciplines such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, App Development, Game Development, Web Development, Entrepreneurship and Web3,. Our curriculum is uniquely tailored to instill practical skills and deep understanding of these trending technologies and discipline.

We focus on providing unrivaled, world-class support that builds technology education teaching capacity at the ground level. Beginning with PD and continuing with one-on-one coaching, our team helps teachers develop their skills and gives them the confidence to create a continually improving learning environment.

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Meeting The Challenges Of The Digital Learning Gap

In an effort to address the Digital Learning Gap, BSD Education has designed a comprehensive technology education product that can be used by teachers of any skill level or background.

Our approach to addressing the Digital Learning Gap is to provide digital skills curriculum that uses professional tools, is scaffolded for ease of learning, is rooted in personally relevant topics, allows for personalization and customization, and is supported through professional development and ongoing support.

To help us address the Digital Learning Gap, we are driven by 4 main theories of action, presented below.

1. BSD Pedagogical Foundation

At BSD Education, we design our projects, lessons, and technology solutions from a strong pedagogical foundation, believing that:

  • teachers need high quality support for digital learning,
  • learning by doing is the most practical approach in education, and
  • a mixture of scaffolded learning and open-ended projects provide students with the support they need to be successful.

2. The BSD Curriculum

BSD Education Learning Cycle
All of our lessons, projects and curriculum follow a learning cycle that is designed to match the pedagogical framework that we have described above, called:

  • Explore
  • Learn
  • Create

3. Best Practices In Curriculum Design

Along with our foundational pedagogy and learning cycle, we also follow evidence-based practices for curriculum design. Our lessons are designed to create authentic learning experiences where students can experience connections to real world issues and problems, exposing them to key global issues and themes. We design our platform so that students and teachers can easily operate and navigate through it in an intuitive and logical manner.

4. Digital Skills For The Workforce Of Tomorrow

To prepare students for undefined futures where artificial intelligence, augmented reality and data privacy are all emerging topics with tremendous impacts on society, we embed 4 approaches into our curriculum that have been identified as future proof and fundamental:

  • Computational Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • Coding/Programming
  • Digital Citizenship

Curriculum Features

Tech Class Progression
We offer a comprehensive program aimed at equipping students with real-world skills including digital literacy, computational thinking, and coding

Core Subject Integrated
We provide guided projects designed to be adapted to any subject, allowing students to customize and focus on content creation

Tech Enrichment Programs
Our courses are designed for out-of-school time, exploring themes like website, game, and app development, as well as VR and AI

Tech Career Training
We prepare students for digital careers, developing competency in design, programming, data analysis, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship

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